Monday, May 12, 2008

A Story for Some Change

After visiting Amanda's blog the other day, I decide I wanted one of those super-cool music playlists too. So, I made one. Then, while I was at it, I figured I may as well change my blog template. So, I did that too. :)

Speaking of Amanda's playlist, the song that popped up was "Jane Fonda" by Mickey Avalon. This made me think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' concert Brendan and I went to last year. Gnarles Barkeley was supposed to be opening for them, but the concert got rescheduled due to a snowstorm. So, when they played the rescheduled concert, they brought Mickey Avalon with them to open. Long story short, old Mickey was not such a hit in Oklahoma City. There was hardcore booing after every song. I have to admit, I may have participated in part of it. He came off as a complete amateur, had really terrible dancers with him that appeared to be 15 years old and had their girly bits hanging all over the place, and sang a song which included the lyrics "my **** is bigger than jesus" (edited to keep this blog family-friendly) to an audience in the middle of the bible belt. When the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage, they weren't too happy about the booing going on after Mickey's song. In short, John Frusciante gave Oklahoma City a stern talking to and was later reported saying that they would not be coming back to Oklahoma for a long time. This makes me pretty sad since they're my all-time favorite band, but hey, at least I got to witness some history. :)

And that's my random story for the week.

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