Monday, March 31, 2008

What to Expect from Banana Pants Clothes in April

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like to see in my shop for April.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to seeing in the next month:

*Plus size skirts
*New jewelry
*Patchwork mini skirts
*Lots of new fabric gift bags (stash busting!)
*Apron tops - sweetheart style and patchwork

*Functional sculpture! I’m most excited about this idea. :)

As always, I’m open to custom orders. Let me know if there’s something you want, but don’t see it in the shop. I’ll be happy to work with you to get it made. :)

Also, I have decided to stop making patchwork bags/purses on a regular basis. They haven’t been selling very well in the shop, and there’s a very competitive market for bags on Etsy. If you’d like a custom bag, I’d still love to make one for you though! You may see a patchwork bag here or there if I just really get in the mood to make one, but other than that, I won’t be listing any more pre-made bags in the future.

I hope you’ll check back throughout the month of April to see all of the exciting new items I’ve been working on!

As always, I'll be taking custom orders for skirts, tops, and dresses. Please see my myspace photo albums for ideas.

P.S. I’ve still got two dresses on sale in the store.

Check them out before they’re gone!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Procrastination Station

I am quite possibly the most procrastinating person on the planet. I think I get it from my parents. Granted, I can't blame them, because I am an adult and responsible for changing my own bad habits. But, I'm pretty positive that's where it came from. :P

I have a 7 minute speech to give tomorrow about legal uses of marijuana; I haven't even started writing it. Yes, it's nearly 6:00 PM, and I haven't started writing the 7-minute speech that I have to give at noon tomorrow. I give myself credit for getting to the public library on time and getting 2 of my 3 sources. I want to focus on medicinal uses and practical uses through hemp, but couldn't find any information about hemp at the public library. In a town of 40,000 people (which is pretty large by mid-west standards), you'd think I could find one measly reference to hemp in the public library. Oh well. Stillwater is not the most progressive of towns, and resources like hemp isn't really part of the culture. I dig that. I'm just frustrated at myself.

So, it brings me to the point that when I get nervous about things (like 7-minute speeches that count as my final grade for the class), I procrastinate. How do I procrastinate? By answering emails about the store, blogging (ahem), and most of all, CRAFTING. What was I doing at midnight last night when I should have been finding web resources for my speech? Sewing. What was I doing 10 minutes ago when I should have been writing my speech? Organizing crafty materials. What have I been doing for the past THREE weeks that I've had to work on this speech? Crafting.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a crafty procrastinator. Do any of you procrastinate doing things around the house, for your "real" jobs, or for school by creating your art? I know I can't be the only one. At least humor me and tell me I'm not the only one so I can feel better. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

For Sale at Nourish Boutique

Here are some of my pieces that will be for sale at Nourish Boutique in Athens, Georgia when they open. Enjoy. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break Roadtrip Scenery - An Inspiration

All photos taken between Stillwater, Oklahoma and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Just click to enlarge.

Hey! Look What I Found!

I found spring, and it was right outside my apartment building!

This week was spring break for my university. The weather sure did get the hint. It was beautiful! In the 70s pretty much all week. At one point on Wednesday, the bank sign said 81 degrees. Yup, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Brendan and I went on a short road trips Wednesday and Thursday to hunt for apartments. We're moving in June and I need the security of knowing where I'm going to be. Hopefully we can put the deposit down in the next few weeks. We found a great apartment in the country (yay!) that's only about 25 minutes from the school I am transferring to. I am so excited.

We also drove around the campus I'll be attending next year. The building are beautiful and it is located on the outskirts of the city. School in the country? Yeah! Well, kind of, anyways. :) Also, it will be a new start to make new friends. I have always remained so quiet, hiding in the back corner in all of my classes for the past 2 years. I am going to make a point of making new friends in my classes in the summer and fall and speaking up in class. I have good things to say; I need to let some of them out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Huge Spring Break Sale!

HUGE SPRING BREAK SALE! (I need to eat, guys and girls!) Tons of items on sale. 20%-45% off my already super reasonable prices on select dresses and skirts and 50% off all patchwork bags! Ends on Sunday, 3-16-2008 at midnight CST. Just type "sale" into the search bar at the top of my page ( to see all sale items at once or click on the item's title below to be redirected to the listing for that item.

Brown, Pink, and Green Sweetheart Rose Dress: Was $50, Now $40

Berries and Cream Hippie Patchwork Dress: Was $50, Now $40

Patchwork Ruffle Mini Skirt - Berry: Was $19.75, Now $11

Scrappy Hippie Patchwork Bag: Was $15, Now $7.50

Berries and Cream Patchwork Bag: Was $10, Now $5

Scrappy Hippie Patchwork Purse: Was $10, Now $5

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feelin' the Fabrics

It was yet another beautiful day here in Stillwater. Today was the first day this year that I have noticed the birds chirping in the trees - always a promising sign that spring is near!

This weather does wonders for my mood and my creativity. The fabrics I'm working with to make a patchwork dress for Nourish definitely reflect this:

I love that yellow fabric! It's not often that I work with yellow, so this is a nice change of pace.

Speaking of working, I should be doing it. I'm a bit behind with my goals for the day.

Peace, love, empathy,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring, Spring, Spring!

Today was a gorgeous day here in Stillwater. 80 degrees, sunny, and blustery. I've got Spring fever like crazy.

Next week is Spring Break at my university. I can hardly contain myself. The next two days of classes are going to feel about a million years long. It's not that I have big plans in particular for Spring Break, I just need the time away from school. Also, it'll be nice to actually be able to spend a full day with Brendan. That hasn't happened since Christmas vacation. I will probably spend the majority of the break working on a consignment order for Nourish Boutique in Athens, Georgia. I've got one apron top completed - 4 more and 2 patchwork dresses to go. :) My goal is to have everything done and sent out by March 25 so Lylou has time to get things ready for her event on April 4th. I began cutting out the patches for one of the dresses tonight. I'll probably be up until 3 am or so finishing that up. I don't have class until 3:30 pm tomorrow so I can sleep in awhile. I'm pretty exhausted after getting 4 hours of sleep last night. Tomorrow after class I want to get the patchwork part of the dress sewn. Friday I want to put the ruffle on, get the bodice finished, the straps in. It should be all finished then.

I think that setting goals for each day in my blog will help me stay on track. Yes. Hopefully. :)

I forgot I had this thing. Glad I remember now!

Peace, Love, Empathy,

Some Inspiration