Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am a bit of a statistics nut. I think it stems from working at the Bureau for Social Research last year at my university. I am specifically interested in geographical statistics. I think it's only natural, since region reflects culture, economy, etc. Yes, I am a complete social sciences nerd.

So, I decided to put together some statistics for my shop. I wanted to know what percent of my orders came from each state and which states I still had not had orders from.

Well, here's the verdict:

  • 1 order per state/3% each of total orders: Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Illinois, South Carolina, North Dakota, Arizona, Alabama, New York, Utah, Idaho
  • 2 orders per state/ 6% each of total orders: Florida, Georgia, Washington, California, Virginia, North Carolina
  • 3 orders per state/ 9% each of total orders: Indiana
  • 4 orders per state/ 12% each of total orders: Pennsylvania

Now, this makes me wonder - what is it about Pennsylvania that makes the most orders come from that state? I really have no idea. However, Indiana coming in at second place is an easy answer - I lived there for 18 years and all of my family and friends are there. :)

I must admit, it saddens me that I have had no orders from Oklahoma. Maybe people can tell I'm not a "real" Okie, and they shun me. (Ok, so that reasoning is a little ridiculous.)

Below is a map of all of the states I have received orders from (highlighted in red). I want to, of course, eventually fill up the entire map.

Anyone else notice a trend from regions where you get the most orders? Do share!

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