Thursday, May 8, 2008

Burma Cyclone Relief

After hearing about the cyclone that hit Burma, and watching the death toll rise to 100,000 lives, my heart sank. In an effort to help those who were able to survive, 100 percent of all jewelry sales in my shop (minus shipping) will go to relief for the victims of the cyclone that hit Burma. I will be donating to, who will send the money directly to the Burmese monks, since the Burmese government can not be trusted to handle donations with integrity.

"The cyclone that ripped through Burma left tens of thousands dead and a million homeless--a natural disaster made much worse by the failure of the military junta to warn or evacuate its people.

Now, the government has slowed the urgent process of providing humanitarian relief--so Avaaz is raising funds for the International Burmese Monks Organization, which will transmit funds directly to monasteries in affected areas.

In many of the worst-hit areas, the monasteries are the only source of shelter and food for Burma's poorest people. They have been on the front lines of the aid effort since the storm struck. Other forms of aid could be delayed, diverted or manipulated by the Burmese government--but the monks are the most trusted and reliable institution in the country."

If any of you are donating to the cause through your shop, or know of any shops that are, please let me know. I will be keeping a running list here for people to check in with.

I know times are rough economically here in the US, so any money you can put toward the cause is honorable.

Shops donating to Burma Cyclone relief:


ThisOldHenHouse said...

Good for you! It broke my heart that their govt confiscated all of the aid being sent over there, rather than distribute it to all the families in need.

There should be more people in the world like you!

Lesley of Banana Pants Clothes said...

Thanks, Amanda! I don't know about more people in the world running around like me though. That would be pretty terrifying. ;) Maybe just in regards to trying to help out.

It definitely is heartbreaking that the government won't allow help to their people. The little help they have been letting in, the generals that hand it out have been writing their names on it, like they are providing it to the people themselves. But whatever. I don't really care who gets the credit as long as they're letting their people get some help.

funkyluke said...


Mingus Designs said...

Hi Lesley,
It is great to see another etsian helping out. I am running a fundraiser for CARE Australia's Cyclone Nargis appeal at the moment (till the 12th of July). I hope everything went great for you.

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