Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopper's Remorse

In the past three days, I have purchased five new tops for myself.


Anyone who knows me well can tell you this is highly abnormal. I have the worst guilt over shopping for myself. After practically breaking down in tears to Brendan the other day about the fact that all of my shirts have holes in them and all of my pants are stained or ripped, he attempted to inform me that clothing is a necessity and not a luxury, and that I need to stop being so hard on myself whenever I buy myself something.

Ok, so this is easier said than done. Sunday I bought two shirts - one for $13.99 and one for $9. Then tonight I bought 3 shirts - two for $14.99 each and one for $7.97. Now it's 4 am, and I'm sitting here thinking about how much money I spent. Go figure.

I will probably end up taking at least 3 of them back after trying them all on about a million times each. (Anyone else do this too?) The only reason I can justify keeping two of them is that I actually have a few events to attend soon that I need to wear clothes that lack holes and stains. Thursday Brendan has an award ceremony at school that he will be getting recognition at, and Friday is Brendan's cousin's high school graduation.

I know what you're probably thinking - you're a seamstress, so make your own clothes! Well, I would probably end up spending just as much on materials than just to go buy something already made at the store. Such is the price of fabric.

In other news, I have been crocheting lately! It's been a long time since I have, but I bought several of those little $1.27 skeins of Peaches and Creme cotton yarn at the store the other day. We needed wash rags, so I could justify the $1.27 to myself, hehe. Since then I have made 4 wash rags and numerous little facial scrubbies. This has been a nice break from sewing, but I really should get back to work today. I got some hemp fabric from Infinite Cosmos Hemp, and I'm just dying to make something!


Rhena said...

I have the same sort of love/ hate relationship with buying clothes. I will go months and months without buying anything because I'd rather spend my money on crafty stuff and good food and because I HATE shopping for clothes. I hate trying them on in the dressing room and having to find the right sizes and all that. So then I'll go to one of my favorite local shops and find like 6 things that all fit me well and I'll justify spending $200 in one go. I think they call that binging. Ha! Don't feel guilty. We can't be naked all the time.

SoapLane said...

*Wishes we could be naked all the time* Well...most of the time....

I am the same way as the last person who commented. I would rather spend my money on crafty-ness and wonderful yummy food.

Excellent linkage to the Hemp fabric! I must must buy some of that... Ohhh the ways I could incorporate it into my soaps...Even tho it costs a bit, I'd rather support Etsy sellers and use an natural fabric....

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