Monday, April 21, 2008

Creative Funk

I am in one of those creative funks. I get them every so often. When they are over, I usually come out of it invigorated and making things better than ever. I just hate waiting it out.

I wanted to finish up a custom top for a customer today, but the working conditions in my apartment weren't exactly prime for creating. It seems that spring is gone and summer is here; it was in the upper 80's today and humid. To top it off, my air conditioning wasn't working. My thermostat was reading 93 degrees (inside).

It has finally dropped down to 80 degrees in here (at 1:00 am), and I can bare sewing now. So, I'm going to be up finishing that custom top for the next probably 2 hours then I have at least an hour worth of homework to do for my Native American Culture class. If I can be in bed by 4:00 am, I will be a happy camper.


ThisOldHenHouse said...

I get in those creative funks all the time! I think thats why I have so many mediums!

You'll get through it :-)

VioletsVintage said...

love the pink floral swatch. It reminds me of Victorian embroidery.

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