Friday, July 11, 2008

Slowly re-emerging into the world of blog

I know you've all been crossing your fingers to see where I've been for the past month (ok, probably not), but I'm back now and slowly re-emerging into the world of blogging and Etsy.

Brendan and I have been moving into our new place! We are totally lovin' it and livin' it up - hence my lack of much computer time lately. Our apartment is set back a ways into the country outside of a nice, small town. Still, it literally takes 15 minutes to drive from our apartment to downtown Tulsa and the million and one opportunities for fun things to do there. We pretty much have the best of both worlds here!

Here are some pictures of the new place:

The view from our balcony

Brendan and I sat on the balcony for hours a few nights ago, watching a giant storm

Our bedroom, featuring my gorgeous antique sewing machine that Brendan bought me a few anniversaries back.

It's hard to see from this picture, but my closet really is ginormous. (And for the record, yes, I really do hang my t-shirts according to color. I'm a little compulsive that way.) Brendan and I each have our own closets, which prevents more fights than you can even imagine. :)

It's a little hard to get a good picture of this bathroom because it is pretty small, but it's still awesome.

Living room - part 1. (Sorry for the poor lighting!)

Living room - part 2.

Living room - part 3.

Dining Room

Kitchen - part 1

Kitchen - part 2 (I have way more cabinets than things to put in them!)

I don't have pictures of the second bathroom or my sewing room yet. My sewing room is slowly being transformed into something like the picture of how I want it in my head. When it gets closer to how I want it, I promise to post pictures.

For those of you whose blogs I normally frequent, I'm going to spend some time this weekend catching up with you all.

A few new items should be posted to Etsy also this weekend. I will definitely update to tell you about them as soon as they are ready.

It's good to be back! :)

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Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Welcome back! Your new place is SO great! I LOVE your kitchen! I would definitely be able to use all of those cabinets :)

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