Saturday, July 12, 2008

Arte Y Pico Award

While catching up with the Grizzly Mountain Arts blog, I discovered that I have been given an Arte y Pico award - an award passed from one artist to another to honor their creativity! So now, I get the honor of passing it on to five other artists!

*Amanda from This Old Hen House paper crafts and Twist This jewelry.
I have the honor of owning several of Amanda's hand-bound journals and I'm truly proud to call her an Etsy friend.

*Kylee from Soap Lane bath and body.
Kylee's bath and body products are all true works of art. She continues to amaze me with the quality of her work and incredible attention to detail. I've never tried one of her soaps or soy wax melts that I didn't absolutely love. She is also one of my most beloved friends in the world of Etsy.

*The artisans at Infinite Cosmos.
They offer beautiful blown glass works of art unlike anything I've ever seen.

*Sticks and Stones Designs.
Beautiful, earthy hemp and assorted materials jewlery. I have the honor of owning the Chocolate Bamboo Bracelet, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

*Kerri from Nature All Well jewelry.
My very first transaction on Etsy was with Kerri. I traded her a patchwork apron top for two of her gorgeous rings. She was so patient and kind to answer the million questions I had about Etsy and the buying/selling process. I wear her rings all the time and cherish them very much!

Thanks again to Dave and Jo of Grizzly Mountain Arts for this great award! It means a lot coming from such talented artists. :)


SoapLane said...

OMG! Thank you SO much hon! You completely, and totally rock!! ♥

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Yay! You like me, you really really like me!! :-)

Thanks so much!! - Its always a pleasure when someone else with an artistic flair admires you

oh, and right back at you!!

SO glad you're back to blogging!

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