Monday, September 22, 2008

Maya Mia!

I'm currently sitting in a computer lab on campus waiting for my Ancient Mesoamerica class to start.

We have an all-essay test in about 30 minutes, and I have been studying like crazy.

I've got facts about the Maya ceremonial/sacrificial ballgame coming out of my ears!

I already had a test today in Theory of Personality. Wednesday I have a test in Human Sexuality. Monday I have a test in Abnormal Psychology. Over the weekend I had a test in Human Development. Yes, that's 5 tests in 10 days.

Send me some good thoughts for good luck. I'm a nervous wreck. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Green and Brown Paisley Apron Top

This past week I got back the items that were in a boutique for consignment for the summer season. Now I get to offer them in my Etsy customers at a super discounted rate in celebration of the arrival of fall.

Today I listed this beautiful top, and two more dresses will be added very soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally a new creation! Hemp and Woodgrain Top

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my last blog entry. It helped to get me out of my rut!

I finally finished this beautiful hemp top that I'd been working on for at least the past month! I've got to say, I'm quite proud of how she turned out. :)

The fit looks a little off in the photo - this is because this top is meant for a size large or extra-large, and my mannequin has teeny tiny proportions! I'm positive this will look amazing on a woman whose size it was intended for.

See more pictures of this top and find its measurements in my Etsy shop.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Suck?

Since I have moved, my blog posts as well as new items on Etsy have been few and far between.

There's a reason for this I suppose - I am pretty much at a total creative stand-still.

I have at least 5 half-finished projects laid out on my sewing table, and all of them I have managed to botch something on. Lately I have just been giving up instead of ripping out a seam and re-constructing it. I really need to get out of the "I suck" mindset and simply correct my mistakes when they happen! I think some of this has to do with the fact that sewing has been making me miserable lately. My old grabbed-from-the-dumpster rolly chair got trashed when we moved, so now I have been sitting in a hand-me-down chair from the neighbor that the back has fallen out of for the most part and KILLS my back to sit in. Not to mention the fact that I actually have to physically get up and move the chair to the other side of the table when I have to switch between the serger and sewing machine.

So, my goals for the month are as follow:

1) Buy a new rolly chair with my birthday money (I turned 22 on August 26th - woo!)
2) Stop constantly telling myself I suck when I make a mistake
3) List at least one new item on Etsy per week

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